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Will o'Wisp - Ignis by Yuzuberry
Wand of Fortune II - Beatrice by MinatoRN
STARISH :: Let's Shout! by x3Kiko
UtaPri: Nanairo no Compass by zimiel
at the window to my soul by Dy-na-mo
+Underground Passage+ by Dy-na-mo
King of Hell LUCIFER by LuciuS-Akechi
Archangel MICHAEL by LuciuS-Akechi
Beast Master and Prince
Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama #2 by Allen-Jiyu
Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama by Allen-Jiyu
Beast Master and Prince by herotenka
Tiana . On the way to the dragon by kazenary
Danzai no Maria
Danzai no maria : illumina by blooddrencher
Danzai no Maria - Maria Uriel by kuninoyuria
A Miracle of Roses by maria-neige
Danzai no Maria All character by Asuka-Masamune
Death and Angel
Dis 0.4 by Silver-Nightfox
muhaha by Silver-Nightfox
Death and Angel 0.4 by Silver-Nightfox
Death and Angel - Dis 2 by Silver-Nightfox
Death Connection
Luciano - Death Connection by Ankh-Feels
Death Connection: Vicious Holidays by JoLuffiroSauce
Death Waits for No One... by songster69
August ID: Death Connection by JoLuffiroSauce
Fushigi Yuugi
AFAMY 2012 : Team Suzaku by darkLuciferZ
Fushigi Yugi cosplay by dees2013
Tamahome vs. Tasuki by twinfools
Nuriko - Tamahome by alice0104
Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Kazama and Hijikata by Zanitas
Okita by skyeveningwind
Hakuouki Okita Souji by skyeveningwind
Hakuouki by skyeveningwind
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de
Dreaming in flowers by HIMMELSLICHT
guardians by Lumnae
serious by Lumnae
Kurou01 by xxku-xx
Heart no Kuni no Alice
Heart no Kuni no Alice by Likanda
Boris Airay by Likanda
Mischievous Cat by Raikk0
Heart No Kuni:Most Skilled Swordsman In Wonderland by InfinitexJester
Hiiro no Kakera
Tamaki by TMLiza
Atori Mahiro-sama da ! by Strike-kun
Ready ? Shoot ! by Strike-kun
Shooting at the sky by Strike-kun
La Corda d'Oro
Kiniro no corda - Len 0.6 by Silver-Nightfox
LCD : Tempo di valse by darkLuciferZ
LCD: Allegretto means... by darkLuciferZ
Reaching Out Through a Song by katsquared
Ouran High School Host Club
flirt? by FightCake
1 by FightCake
1 by FightCake
because two is better then one by FightCake
Princess Nightmare
Lean On Me by hexlord
Princess Nightmare - Little Dracula by maria-neige
PN: Group Shot by songster69
Princess Nightmare by sakana
Starry Sky
SorasoraSky by Akinomy
Starry Sky ~Moment~ by zimiel
Starry Sky In Summer by curionenene
Homare Kanakubo by Die-Rose
S.Y.K. Shinsetsu Saiyuki
S.Y.K Shinsetsu Saiyuuki: Suoh by SoySauceCosplay
S.Y.K - Regret by JoLuffiroSauce
S.Y.K: Mystical by JoLuffiroSauce
S.Y.K Shinsetsu Saiyuuki 2 by SoySauceCosplay
Uta no Prince-sama
UtaPri - Embrace by xAmaliex
UtaPri - Tokiya by giuccin
UtaPri - Tokiya 2 by giuccin
Come here - RenxMasato by KuRumi-FlameSamurai
Vampire Knight
VK: Shizuka Hio. Cha-no-yu 2013 by ElenaLeetah
Maria Kurenai by AN0RIEL
Vampire Knight by Nijie
VK: Hanabusa Aidou by melatiputih
Wand of Fortune
Wand of Fortune: Dark Attribute by InfinitexJester
Wand of Fortune: Young Mage by InfinitexJester
Salo-mon 7 by kalepa
Salo-mon 6 by kalepa
Will O' Wisp
Will O' Wisp: Emelio by JoLuffiroSauce
Will O'Wisp - Light In The Dark by aco-rea
Will o'Wisp - Ignis by Yuzuberry
I don't need a master by Yuzuberry
MISC Visual Novel Games
Dynamic Chord feat. KyohSo: YORITO by skyeveningwind
Kamiaso - Loki by giuccin
Kamigami no Asobi - Loki Laevatein (2) by giuccin
Kabe don by Su-Wan
Otome Games Fanarts
:Koisuru Tenshi Angelique: Luva by chibisan59
:Koisuru Tenshi Angelique: Randy by chibisan59
:Koisuru Tenshi Angelique: Julious by chibisan59
:Koisuru Tenshi Angelique: Oscar by chibisan59
All Others
POS: Takeru Fujiwara by skyeveningwind
Amnesia Cards-Downloadable by TMLiza
Amnesia Card Props by TMLiza
EVENT: SSC Crew Anime Expo Vid by JoLuffiroSauce








Welcome to Otome Games Cosplay Group!

Hey Everyone~ Welcome to our group~
Thank you for visiting us!

We're a pretty easy going group, our main purpose to help promote otome games cosplayers from all over~

If you love Otome games, otome game cosplayer, or simply just like looking at Pretty boys cosplay. Do join us~ either as a watcher or a member! ^_^

Here are Few simple rules~

:star: For any of those who have otome games cosplay and want to submit, please submit them in the right folder and they will surely get accepted.

:star: Features Will not be allow. Only Founder or Co-owners can decide on what to features. ^_^

:star: please help spread the words and invite your friends~

:star: If you have any suggestions for new folder titles, feel free to Message the founder. ^_^
So Some of you guys already knew already or not. But to those who don't. There's an Anime for Hiiro No Kakera! Which I thought it was AWESOME! I'm very picky with my Anime. but I find myself Enjoying it VERY much! and for an Anime that came from a game. It's awesome! (personal opinion)

If you guys wanna watch it. you can watch it here. ^_^…

I think you all will enjoy it!
More Journal Entries


star: If you want to be Affiliates with us, you have to be either Cosplay,otome games, or games related group

Just PM founder or co-founder if you're interested~


:iconcos-club: :iconstarry-sky-fanclub: :iconcos-poland:



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Chigami Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Chigami Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I just wonder why my submission got declined?…

It is from an otome game/visual novel.. a rather unknown one outside Japan but still. :/
JoLuffiroSauce Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello. Probably because you submitted in the wrong folder. please resubmit them in the MISC Visual Novel folder
Chigami Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, done!
LadyChoCho Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Student General Artist
If you don't know already, Diabolik Lovers is turning into an anime and is said to be released around August this year. :iconhandsomeonionplz:

Trailer - [link]

Lyfa-Li Featured By Owner May 7, 2013
ummm where should i contribute Amnesia cosplay?
JoLuffiroSauce Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Misc visual novel game. ^^
Lyfa-Li Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
thank you for telling me :D
LadyChoCho Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Big News!

Another otome PSP game titled Sweet Fuse: At Your Side is being translated in English and published in North America this Summer by Aksys!

More Info: [link]
Mashimaro-ball Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
☆Um, guys...does anyone here know Japanese and is willing to be the translator of the Starry☆Sky series (beside In Spring)? I found a VN translation group, they said that > they might take care of the hacking, scripting and programming it to the game series...But they're lacking translators! <
Besides translators, we may need hackers as well (LOL the hardest part of translating) or if you want any other parts, reply or pm me so I'll ask the admin of the group. T^T You don't have to translate Starry☆Sky, you can help them with other projects as well. (But I came here cuz I'm looking for a Starry☆Sky translator...)
(I know it's hard but the translating machines get on my nerves, and it'll take a long time if I want to study Jap properly. I really need your help). It's hard to find someone who's interested/willing to translate such a huge amount of text. :(
Ah~I suck at this finding people stuff...*sob~sob*
Thanks for reading~ *sob* If you can, please help me :tears:
p/s: I'm hoping to find someone who's interested and willing to help. So I really can't help with the money, hope there are VNs lovers out there somewhere...
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